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Okadera Kan-non is the oldest expel temple here just a front of us. 1st and 18th in every month are street fair days by the goddess of mercy.

We serve [En-nichi Cafe] on the day by one-day chef cooks for you with local and seasonal ingredients.




使用料:4時間 5000円・1日 10,000円





65 yard Rental space is available, free space and kitchen. You can make special plan for party,gallery, and concert at Higashimura Kimono-shop on the second floor.

* Can use piano,table&chairs, set of dishes, basic cooking tensils,microwave, stove, and refrigerator.

* fee is required.


Rental fee: 4hours -5,000 yen・1day -10,000 yen

*20%sales commission if you have sales subject.

*Except for 1st and 18th in every month for En-nichi cafe.

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